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Services /Clientele
We are inculcated with a client-centric approach that allows us to prioritize the needs of our clients above all. Our professionals execute all tasks and operations in compliance with the variegated demands of our clients. Our products are also designed adhering to the specifications provided by the customer. Our endeavors and client based techniques have allowed us to establish long and congenial relationships with all our associates. For the suitability of the customer, we follow easy and convenient transactional procedures. Following are the clients to whom we are serving:
* Revlon Face Cream
* Way Modi
* Birla Apar Chassis, Delhi
* Jaypur Punjab
* Nift Institutes
* Laj Export
* Katayni Export
* Rupvatika
* New Pleas
* TCNS Export
* Pink Winks Export House
* Reliably Showroom
* Do Kati Bike Showroom
* The Sales House, Laxmi Nagar, Okhla
* Reebok Showroom, Delhi, Mumbai
* Nirmals in Mumbai
* S.K. Export, Mumbai
* Neural Garments
* Soma boutique, Jaipur
* Jaipur Jewellers, Delhi, Jaipur
* Shahzasa Nand College Amritsar
* Limond Showroom, Amritsar
* Kingfisher Showroom, Delhi
* Ambesi of Hungaliyan, Delhi
* Sanifab Showroom
* Back State Show
* Kirstall Showroom, Nehru Place, Ladou Sarai
* Doordarshan National Live
* Gold Villagers, Punjab
* Haritaj, Delhi

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